Implementing your vision with passion, integrity and loyalty

Your business has all the players in place.  Your home and your life deserve the same.

EYEcor provides you with the peace of mind and the assurance that YOU, surrounded by the watchful eye of a 25-year Estate Management Veteran, are covered.  We are your eyes on the ground at all your homes, no matter where life takes you.

EYEcor begins with a personal consultation to understand and translate your objectives into action. We perform a thorough, custom assessment of all areas of your estate, including personnel and systems. After the planning stage, EYEcor executes: we implement the systems and put operations in place to ensure everything runs smoothly and sustainably.

You handle the work and the play, EYEcor handles the rest – like you would, if you had the time.

“I love Stephanie’s good sense, good humor and ability to be discreet.”